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When you need a quick fix, we have CBT based Instant Download workbooks which offer solutions for the here and now – perfect when you don’t have the time to dig down too deep into your emotions. We cover most mental health issues.

Visit our Etsy Shop – Home of the Hug Button – and the place where we house all of our latest offerings from our Mindful Colouring Sheets to our Therapy Journals and much, much more.


These two ladies are super stars! I used the Life Script Programme to turn my life around. I’ve gone from feeling unable to organise myself, to organising my own business. Amazing support and encouragement! Claire - Positive Life Workshops

Your Mind Set rocks! I love their straight forward real life advice. Their worksheets are appealing, revealing and full of positive feeling.


A superstar team, who help support you through life’s battles and address your inner colly-wobbles. I highly recommend them to anyone! Vicki