The Hug Button

Introducing our Hug Buttons!

A gorgeous pack of 18 temporary tattoos for children (and their parents!)

This is the cutest way to reassure your little one you still love them when you’re apart.

As Mums, we know how hard it is when you can’t physically be there for your kids.

– You’re working more and you can’t do the school run.
– They’re going away on their first school trip.
– They’re about to have their first sleepover.
– He or she suffers from separation anxiety.
– Maybe you and your partner are separated and your child spends time with both of you.

Whatever the reason, we want our kids to know that we think about them. Constantly.

Leanne’s 4 year old, Violet, came up with the original Hug Button idea when she started nursery at the tender age of 3 years, 1 month! Violet had just learned how to draw hearts (a ‘V’ for Violet on the bottom with an ‘M’ on top for ‘Mummy’) and would draw one on her own hand and one on Leanne’s. Whenever she missed her Mummy, she would press this heart ‘button’ and send a hug all the way to her, knowing that Mummy could feel it, was thinking of her and sending a great big hug right back.

The result?

A happy and content little girl.

So, we came up with a prettier (and longer-lasting than black biro!) Hug Button that would do the same wonderful job of making Violet and her Mummy feel close to each other.
Parents who have bought the Hug Button tell us how they’ve made it a special part of their separation routine. It helps to lessen the pain of being apart and gives children a little piece of home to carry with them throughout their day